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I’m happy, confident, and finally feel secure within my own skin.

Sandra, Cupcake Store Owner

Sandra Rancatore is a mother to her baby daughter Darla, and the founder and owner of her own cupcake shop.

As a kid, Sandra had a gap in her teeth and she was teased to the extent that it was painful to go to school every day with kids making fun of her and calling her ugly.

After meeting her husband and having her daughter, Sandra realised that her teeth were starting to push outwards. It was then that she decided to get started on her Invisalign treatment.

Now, she gets a lot more compliments on her smile and she also feels happier, more confident and more secure in her own skin. Sandra’s not the only one who’s noticed the change. Darla also notices that her mummy smiles a lot more and feels happy when Sandra’s happy.

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