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Everybody’s really surprised when I tell them I’ve got Invisalign aligners in.


Susanna Delahi is a 24-year-old girl from Sydney. She has been in Invisalign treatment for 6 months already and has another estimated 6 more months to go.

Before she started Invisalign treatment, she used to smile with her lips together because she felt self-conscious about her crowded teeth. Now, she’s happy to show off her smile more because most people barely notice anything. People are really surprised when Susanna tells them that she has Invisalign clear aligners on.

When Susanna goes out for dinner with her friends, she can just go to the bathroom, remove her aligners quickly, have a drink or eat dinner, and put the aligners back in afterwards. It’s really convenient.

Susanna has also been at her job for three months now, and she feels a lot more confident after starting Invisalign treatment. She often looks back at old photos of herself and is surprised at how much her teeth have changed. Her friends are equally surprised and are thinking of getting started with Invisalign treatment too.

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