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Invisalign is able to give me more confidence in what I do, whether it’s being a mum or a professional.

Vicky, Personal Coach

Vicky Kamahele lives in San Francisco, USA with her little baby boy Brennan. She owns her own business as a professional coach for students to help them get jobs.

Back when she was a teenager, she had braces to correct her “buck teeth” but when she got to her twenties, she realised that her teeth were shifting back and overlapping again to her “buck teeth” and overbite.

Before Vicky started on Invisalign treatment, the one thing that always bothered her was her ability to present in front of the clients because she was always self-conscious about how she looked. Did she look the part? Does she look credible?

After starting on Invisalign treatment, Vicky likes how she has one less thing to worry about now. Invisalign treatment also gives her the confidence in what she does, whether it’s being a mum or a professional.

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